Rise above your fears.

( From The Godly Chic Diaries)

Sometimes we get so caught up in the fear of things that we forget how strong we can be. We forget about that little light, that force, that magic inside that can help get us through. A journey is not linear. It has lots of twist and turns. It’s convoluted and complex. You will run into rough patches, but that’s all they are, patches. Just stay on your path, so when the hard times are over you will still be where you need to be. For those of us who are still working hard to get to that place. Keep your chin up and trust the process.


Be your best friend.

# Be your Best Friend.

We all have people that we feel we can trust and rely on. People who have once, twice or for several times lent us a hand when we fell ; our families or acquaintances. But as much as we think or believe so, the most trusted and loyal person you can ever have in your life is yourself. You are best friend of yourself that you can never have.

That you know you can and you should be your best friend, there is need for you also to understand that it is a prerequisite to establish a good relationship with yourself.

One great way of ensuring this is by spending quality time enriching and endowing yourself with the necessary knowledge by surrounding yourself with the best individuals and best books. What you feed your brain with really matters as far creating a suitable, serene environment with yourself is concerned. 

And like any other good relationship, you need to show appreciation and gratitude. You should be appreciative of who you are and that which you have. This would serve best to cut off self critics that can be result when you look at the best of life your friends have. Also it will help a lot in getting rid of the naysayers.Who enjoys being in the company of one who doesn’t appreciate them anyway? Having said this, I think I’m justified to jump to my next point.

Sometimes, what we want is not always available at the moment  of our great need. Don’t pressure yourself; it’s normal to be lacking. What isn’t normal is doing nothing about it to reverse the situation. You just have to give yourself some time as you work on it.
Avoid unhealthy comparison. We all have different capabilities and so it will be so unfair if you have yourself go for the lowest denominator because of what others have already accomplished. Maybe they have a lot of experience, and you are a start-up, in whichever field you are both in. You cannot be everyone else and you shouldn’t hang yourself by trying to be that way. Don’t try making yourself someone else’s photocopy. You just have be yourself, and unique. 

Do what motivates you. This is one way of exploring your talents and abilities. Focus your energy in making yourself better.

Don’t be hard on yourself whenever you make mistakes. Failure is nothing but a learning experience and you can use that knowledge to help you succeed next time. This’ll help keep your self esteem off the limits.

Relationships are like flowers; if you water them they’ll flourish but if you don’t they’ll wither away. Strengthen the bond between you and yourself. 

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Why you should spend some time alone.

As social beings, it is our nature to find comfort in the company of our families, friends or workmates ; to enjoy the warmth of being surrounded by other people. Myself, one of my happier moments are those I go out with my friends for a ball game or coffee in the evenings. 

It is in such occasions that we happen to learn more by trading our minds, sharing our ideas and even open up and do things that we wouldn’t opt to or even think of in the company of some other people.

However, it is in these same moments that we can have our inner selves confronted with our self esteems going low and our brains running wild.  It is in such occasions, that we sometimes lose focus and forget our self worth.

When we spend all our time with other people we run at a risk of forgetting who we are, our real identity, what we want and begin trying to fit in everyone else’s image of an ideal person. We start trying to be who other people want us to be. We forsake our own lives and start living other people’s.

It is therefore most advisable to spend as much time with yourself as much as you do with others.

 After all the work throughout the day, you are most likely to be feeling so much exhausted and worked out, and you deserve some time in a quite environment to unwind. This will help cool down your mind which has probably been steaming with all kinds of thoughts all through under the pressure to see  everything done. This is the perfect time to relieve yourself of all the stress of the day.

 This can serve a great moment for you to find treasure in who you are, what you have and strategize on what you want; your goals and dreams.Our self worth goes high up the scale dramatically the moment we start being appreciative of ourselves, and this is the best time to do this. This will strongly boost your self esteem.

Spending some good time alone can be a great platform for you to master your emotions better by studying yourself and your reactions in the course of the day.

 You are able to make good use of your imaginative genius which is key  in exploring your abilities and your interests.

  It improves your concentration and also boosts you productivity in your career or profession.

 Your level of creativity shoots up.

 You are able to ponder over the challenges you are probably going through and come up with amicable solutions.

We need to spend some time alone to think.

Success is, are you the best at what you do?

” Success is not where we are today and how much you have or what kind of big position you have. Success is, are you the best at what you do? ” 

        – John Paul Dejoria, founder and owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems.

Well put!

We mostly like viewing success with two metrics; where we are, presently, and how much we have. But this happens to one of the biggest killers of our motivation to accomplish our dreams and goals. This is what makes us feel incompetent and lose trust

On our ability to make things happen.

No one ever feels good seeing themselves progress slowly, so the conclusion is ‘this is so hard for me or I can’t do this.’ Sometimes it takes quite long before we get the results we want, and this, does not say that we are not successful. 

Many people give up at the instant they start worrying about where they currently are and what they have. We all want to see things accelerating very fast in our lives. It’s much like wishing things to happen instead of making them happen.

 As a friend of mine commented on a post I made recently, failure to consider taking baby steps and wanting everything now is where most people miss out.

  You’d rather consider working your guts out everyday, making it your habit to focus your energy to making yourself better at that which you want.

Created for a purpose.

# Would you believe it if I told you that you were created, you were designed to do something unique and great than any other person would? 

Don’t obsess yourself with worries on what that something is. Just stick to your passion. Do what you love and focus making yourself better at it. 


Hello Happy Family!

More tips to keep ourselves motivated and focussed to take action. All from ‘Motivation. Focus. Action.’

 5: Take baby steps.

Do not push yourself to achieve the same things with the same amount of time and resources the way other people had done. In the end, you have to remind yourself that every person is unique and, consequently, his own set of strengths and weaknesses.

Also, it could be that you are just starting out and the other person you are comparing yourself to is years ahead of you in terms of expertise and experience. The other person cannot afford to take baby steps, but you can and you should!

If you rush things too much, everything may end up backfiring on you.

6: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

This is obviously related to the above tip, but it is different in the way that it takes into account what you want to do with your time.

It is good to have a plan for everything, but you do not have to accomplish everything in a single day. Even if you have the energy to do so, the people around you and who also have something at stake in reaching your shared goals may not have the time and similar energy to do so.

Give them a break. If all of you have truly worked hard, then all you deserve to rest. There is always tomorrow to think about.

 7: Do not pressure yourself.

Pressuring yourself is different from motivating yourself. Motivating yourself will get you to take action while pressuring yourself will only succeed in freezing your limbs and brain cells into a state of inaction.
There are sure to be other people and other sources you will receive a lot of flak and pressure about getting things done. Why burden yourself with more pressure when you can give yourself a pep talk instead?

 8: A little competition is good – just do not make a big deal out of it.

Competition can make you take action because the more you delay, the further behind you will be in achieving your goal. Friendly competition is also effective for staying focused and getting you pumped up but be careful!
If you let yourself focus too much on the competition, then you may end up forgetting about the bigger picture. In the end, being too competitive may be another source of distraction that you absolutely do not need.

 9: Believe in yourself.Taking action requires you to have faith in yourself – especially when everyone around you is telling you that you cannot do it. In the end, you have to remember that you know yourself best. You know what you are capable of, and if you believe that the goal you have in mind is well within your reach, then it truly is – no matter what others may say.

I hope these tips will be of great help to you. 

Thank you for visiting Happy Life and I’m glad you are part of Happy Family. More tips coming in Part C.

Part A- Taking Action.

Living in a world where distractions come in all sizes and shapes, there is need to constantly keep ourselves motivated to take action or focussed to take action in order to follow the path, reach our destination and achieve our goals. 

These are some of the tips, all from ‘FOCUS. MOTIVATION. ACTION’ to taking action.

1: #Just do it.

The first step is always the hardest. Your mind will come up with all sorts of scenarios to prevent you from taking that scary first step toward your goal. That does not mean you are a coward, though. It is just your brain’s way of defending yourself.

Sometimes, though, you have to listen to what your heart has to say and just do it. Everything else will be a lot easier once you get past the first hurdle – and that is to ignore your brain’s dire warnings and go with your gut instinct.
 2: #Doing something is not always a physical thing.
It is understandable if you mistook the need for taking action as doing something literally or physically. Yet you see, there are many other ways for you to take action without even lifting a finger. For that matter, consider the act of planning.

It is never wise to try achieving a goal without a plan. If you want to spend the least amount of time and effort in achieving your goal, then you need to come up with a step-by-step plan for accomplishing it.

A good plan takes into account all potential consequences as well as all the possible avenues you may take in order to reach your objective.
 3: #Breathing helps.
Are you feeling nervous or nauseous? It is normal to feel uneasy about doing anything to reach your goal. Taking action is often synonymous to taking risk. You are nervous because you know that risks can either end with success or failure, and who wants to end up failing?
Whenever you feel like there is a panic attack coming in, just take a deep breath. Better yet, take several deep breaths. Studies show how breathing can effectively clear the mind and help calm your nerves. So go ahead and breathe – inhale all the way from your stomach to take full advantage!
4: #Take a page from the most successful books.
You may think that you are the only one suffering a certain kind of problem of a certain magnitude in this world, but you are not. With a little research, you are sure to find something in common with ordinary and extraordinary people.
You may not be a U.S. President like Bill Clinton, but you are running for a position and you have limited funds like Clinton for your campaign. What did Clinton do that you can do as well? In the end, it is all about finding the small but essential similarities.

* Thank you for reading. I hope this has been of great help to you. More tips on the same, in part B.

What’s stopping you?

Fear, excuses, self-doubt and self -depreciation. That’s the chain. 

I am greatly convinced that what holds us back from taking action are the mere excuses we make. 

It is always risky to take action and so our minds constantly keeps on bombarding us with facts either as proven by statistics or as evidenced by the failures of some people on the same, to clearly make it known to us as to why it’s never going to work.

We are never designed take to on risks that easily. This is what always tends to mitigate our spirit and motivation to pursue our goals. 

So, it must be kind of a battle with ourselves; I mean real battle that we must always be prepared for whenever we are starting something new for example when starting on a plan to cut off weight, learning a new language or to keep soldiering on.

Maybe this is what makes it appropriate or validates it to say that everyone can set goals but not everyone can achieve goals. 

So, it’s two things; much like an attack from both sides with one preceding the other. The problem has always been taking the first step in something and keeping ourselves on the track. Certainly, this what make us stampede into giving up.

All this starts from our heads.

 The excuses that we make, and excuses are a manifestation of inward resistance that is caused by fear. When we are afraid of doing something we come up with a number of excuses either to satisfy our ego that always want to be seen successful but always avoiding doing what it takes or to show others that we didn’t quit willingly but it was rather necessitated by some unbearable foreseen dangers. 

Fear can be of many forms; fear of failure, fear of having to risk losing your job, fear of being rejected and many others.

Allowing fear to completely take control of us is nothing more like having ourselves locked up in room with high perimeter walls, helplessly shrunk deep in one of the darkest corners. But the good news is that since we are responsible for the cage or shell depending that we have ourselves confined into, then we are in a large margin to salvage ourselves out.

One great way of discarding our fears and break loose of these chains is to start being optimistic and staying optimistic of what lies ahead of us. 

By just staying positive, we increase our chances of having success in whatever thing we want.

By eliminating your fears you stand on the side of having the ability to manipulate chances that will come your way. You gain the third eye.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

# The truth is that you never know.

Thank you for reading!

The versatile Blogger award.

 It’s such a great a honor to be nominated for this award. Thank you so much, Cynthia. Your support is invaluable and I can’t treasure it for anything. 

Maybe I should first start by recognizing your relentless efforts and writing skills as evidenced by your carefully and critically selected words in your articles. I always have a good time whenever I visit your site, kudos to the Sage kids https://oursagekids.wordpress.com/author/oursagekids

To enlighten my readers on what the versatile blogger award is all about, as I take it from Cynthia, it’s an honor Bloggers pay to other bloggers who they believe in, in recognition for their high quality standard of writing, uniqueness of contents, passion and love displayed throughout the site and to top it of, amazing photos.

In response for your nomination, however, you need to thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link, nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs, and inform them about the nomination.  Also, you are required to reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may need to know.

So, I’ll go straight to the list of my nominations:










10. https://loveurownlife.wordPress.com
And to the 7 facts about Solomon: 

 1. I love fun. Fun is the mantra behind everything that I do.

 2. I enjoy reading success literature, about money, and also science.

 3. Lover of adventure and I  find a lot of treasure in taking photos.

 4. I talk pretty fast. I am that kind of a person you can’t, almost always, afford not to request them to pardon.   

 5. Friendly. It is more than a nicety in my life, to talk to people, listen to them and making new friends. And by the way, it’s really nice to have as my friend. You are highly appreciated.

 6. Currently conversant with three languages; taita, Swahili and English. For many people I know Taita is a new vocabulary. To keep you informed, this is a community among the many communities in Kenya, of the Bantu group and situated at coast province . I think you should take this with you ‘Chawucha sana’  to mean thank you so much. 

 7. I really love coffee and whenever I am reading or writing  especially, you can be sure to find me sipping it.

 Ooh there we go am done! 

To all my readers, am very appreciative of your support. Thank you all, and I am looking forward for more posts from you. Great time to you all and feel at ease to drop in your comments.

why we stay helpless when we can help ourselves.

We are never willing to move out of our own misfortunes. We may be wanting to but we are unwilling to take the necessary steps. Not that we can’t do ourselves this biggest favor but simply (oh not simply) because we are not willing. We stay helpless even when we can help ourselves.
In most cases, I have realized that it doesn’t even need of us to spend our physical energy. We only need time to sit and think, and write maybe. But this still remains a hard-to-do task for us. 

Not that we are comfortable where we are, no. This just happens.
I’ve been here and I still happen to be here. Often times, it’s only when I start somehow feeling restless and uncomfortable, filled with unknown anxieties and worries that I get awake. That’s when I get to realize it. I don’t know, maybe this has been sort of a reminder to me, “you’ve not done this and that.” Other times it’s when I get in touch with the harsh reality that I am able to notice it.

 Every new year I set new goals but less actually end up to be accomplished. It’s sweet being in the comfort zone.

Does this happen to you?

How can we move out of our comfort zones and overcome this helplessness?