Obligation or opportunity?

# Opportunity or Obligation?

How consequential is it to focus your mind on the opportunities rather than the price to pay , in the process of accomplishing your dreams and goals?

I think any writer understands how perilous it can be to put all your attention on the pleasures and duties to postpone or drop to just secure some time to sit, think and write. Maybe, it can be setting an hour every evening which means you’ve got to limit the time you go out hanging with friends or slicing the time you spend with your kids. 

Same thing to one who wants to cut off weight and they have their fitness instructor on their necks with a list of their delicacies that they’ll have to drop. 

It’s always how a matter of, ‘where does your focus lie?’

With both situations bearing their own consequences, it depends which one proves stronger than the other. The one which does in turn influences your actions; bailing out or soldiering on.

It is pretty much scary to put all your concentration on the sacrifices to make or the unwelcoming conditions to endure just to consider it a step toward your achievement to be. Results for this is fear which silos up making you feel incompetent or not ready enough to take on a task. Your mind gets filled with all self interrogative questions;

” what will happen if I don’t meet what is required of me?”

“What if I’m just not good enough for the job?”

” what if I fail?”

Your fear for failure creates a lot of unnecessary pressure, mental and bodily strain, and discomfort that eats on most of your energy. The outcome being shooting down of your level of confidence as well as concentration and productivity.

I think this is one of the major ingredients for dissuasion and loss of motivation to trying something new.

On the other side of the page, it is much motivating to keep eying on the opportunities that you stands to chance on. 

Motivation is what keeps the candle inside you burning; a force that nudges you to step out of your comfort zone and and take advantage of evey single day to move a step closer to your dreams and goals. It keeps you interested, determined, committed and resilient enough when the going gets even tougher. 

Set backs never miss out in any undertaking. Whenever you feel like giving up remind yourself of this, that those are just stepping stones, that’s all they are and not tombstones. They are only meant to elevate your level of skillfulness and experience.

Train yourself to focus on the apple and let not the weeding procedures intimidate you!

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