Why you should spend some time alone.

As social beings, it is our nature to find comfort in the company of our families, friends or workmates ; to enjoy the warmth of being surrounded by other people. Myself, one of my happier moments are those I go out with my friends for a ball game or coffee in the evenings. 

It is in such occasions that we happen to learn more by trading our minds, sharing our ideas and even open up and do things that we wouldn’t opt to or even think of in the company of some other people.

However, it is in these same moments that we can have our inner selves confronted with our self esteems going low and our brains running wild.  It is in such occasions, that we sometimes lose focus and forget our self worth.

When we spend all our time with other people we run at a risk of forgetting who we are, our real identity, what we want and begin trying to fit in everyone else’s image of an ideal person. We start trying to be who other people want us to be. We forsake our own lives and start living other people’s.

It is therefore most advisable to spend as much time with yourself as much as you do with others.

 After all the work throughout the day, you are most likely to be feeling so much exhausted and worked out, and you deserve some time in a quite environment to unwind. This will help cool down your mind which has probably been steaming with all kinds of thoughts all through under the pressure to see  everything done. This is the perfect time to relieve yourself of all the stress of the day.

 This can serve a great moment for you to find treasure in who you are, what you have and strategize on what you want; your goals and dreams.Our self worth goes high up the scale dramatically the moment we start being appreciative of ourselves, and this is the best time to do this. This will strongly boost your self esteem.

Spending some good time alone can be a great platform for you to master your emotions better by studying yourself and your reactions in the course of the day.

 You are able to make good use of your imaginative genius which is key  in exploring your abilities and your interests.

  It improves your concentration and also boosts you productivity in your career or profession.

 Your level of creativity shoots up.

 You are able to ponder over the challenges you are probably going through and come up with amicable solutions.

We need to spend some time alone to think.

4 Replies to “Why you should spend some time alone.”

  1. I have always enjoyed being alone, now as a stay at home mom I want to be around people more. Can I ask where are you from? I’m located in the Middle of the US. I’m so thankful that you liked my comment on someone else’s blog and now I have found your posts. It looks like you will have some great reading material!

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      1. Wow Kenya that’s amazing!! We love it. Their is lots of variety when it comes to traveling. I sometimes wish that we didn’t have food on every corner. I mean no wonder we are fat here. How is Kenya?

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