What’s stopping you?

Fear, excuses, self-doubt and self -depreciation. That’s the chain. 

I am greatly convinced that what holds us back from taking action are the mere excuses we make. 

It is always risky to take action and so our minds constantly keeps on bombarding us with facts either as proven by statistics or as evidenced by the failures of some people on the same, to clearly make it known to us as to why it’s never going to work.

We are never designed take to on risks that easily. This is what always tends to mitigate our spirit and motivation to pursue our goals. 

So, it must be kind of a battle with ourselves; I mean real battle that we must always be prepared for whenever we are starting something new for example when starting on a plan to cut off weight, learning a new language or to keep soldiering on.

Maybe this is what makes it appropriate or validates it to say that everyone can set goals but not everyone can achieve goals. 

So, it’s two things; much like an attack from both sides with one preceding the other. The problem has always been taking the first step in something and keeping ourselves on the track. Certainly, this what make us stampede into giving up.

All this starts from our heads.

 The excuses that we make, and excuses are a manifestation of inward resistance that is caused by fear. When we are afraid of doing something we come up with a number of excuses either to satisfy our ego that always want to be seen successful but always avoiding doing what it takes or to show others that we didn’t quit willingly but it was rather necessitated by some unbearable foreseen dangers. 

Fear can be of many forms; fear of failure, fear of having to risk losing your job, fear of being rejected and many others.

Allowing fear to completely take control of us is nothing more like having ourselves locked up in room with high perimeter walls, helplessly shrunk deep in one of the darkest corners. But the good news is that since we are responsible for the cage or shell depending that we have ourselves confined into, then we are in a large margin to salvage ourselves out.

One great way of discarding our fears and break loose of these chains is to start being optimistic and staying optimistic of what lies ahead of us. 

By just staying positive, we increase our chances of having success in whatever thing we want.

By eliminating your fears you stand on the side of having the ability to manipulate chances that will come your way. You gain the third eye.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

# The truth is that you never know.

Thank you for reading!


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