why we stay helpless when we can help ourselves.

We are never willing to move out of our own misfortunes. We may be wanting to but we are unwilling to take the necessary steps. Not that we can’t do ourselves this biggest favor but simply (oh not simply) because we are not willing. We stay helpless even when we can help ourselves.
In most cases, I have realized that it doesn’t even need of us to spend our physical energy. We only need time to sit and think, and write maybe. But this still remains a hard-to-do task for us. 

Not that we are comfortable where we are, no. This just happens.
I’ve been here and I still happen to be here. Often times, it’s only when I start somehow feeling restless and uncomfortable, filled with unknown anxieties and worries that I get awake. That’s when I get to realize it. I don’t know, maybe this has been sort of a reminder to me, “you’ve not done this and that.” Other times it’s when I get in touch with the harsh reality that I am able to notice it.

 Every new year I set new goals but less actually end up to be accomplished. It’s sweet being in the comfort zone.

Does this happen to you?

How can we move out of our comfort zones and overcome this helplessness?


4 Replies to “why we stay helpless when we can help ourselves.”

  1. I’ve got so much i want to do, but i find myself not doing it, basically because I’ve found out that i worked best when challenged. So, the problem becomes my waiting for someone to come around and challenge me which in most cases leads to nothing being accomplished.
    So, so far I’ve tried to help myself, but procrastination is just another thing I’ve had to deal. Now i don’t really know how to go about it, but i think, if we can come together somehow and channel our energies towards the best of us(that’s push each other to achieve), we can really help ourselves.

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    1. The same happens to me also. I would plan to do something but my procrastination won’t let me to. I could postpone even dealing with my procrastination problem. I happen to think that this is much like a habit, which is inscribed within us.
      Challenges from other people work best. Getting to know what our friends are up to can serve us great by nudging ourselves out of our comfort zones and break this normality.
      Thanks Cynthia for your nice comment.

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  2. Solomon,
    I have lived sixty-five years. In those years I’ve had excellent life experiences, and some very brought me to my knees with pain experiences. In March I embraced meditation. Twenty minutes a day, spent focusing on my breathing, communicating with God (which is dog spelled backward. I like that–dogs are much like God, aren’t they? Loving, nurturing…but I digress)–the meditation centers me. It tells me I am exactly where I am intended to be at this moment in time. I liked your post. Thank you for sharing. Alice

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