The ‘ Right Now attitude. ‘

#How madly do you want it?

Every good thing in life is worth commitment, sacrifices and most importantly perseverance and persistence.

Perseverance and persistence; They not niceties in this case, they are rather a necessity. They are equally important as the accomplishment of your goal is to you. Everyone can start but it takes one who perseveres and persistent to continue and have the results they want. 

*perseverance is the quality that allow someone to continue (persist) when things get difficult.

*Persistence is the act of constantly refusing to give up or letting go.

We get so obsessed with the desire of getting everything in a snap of a finger. We want everything ‘ right now .’ When things get tough we opt for the easy way out; giving up.

I always think that the difference between the successful and failure is brought about by the ability to persevere and persist.

The successful maximise on the two. Failures instead, give up and go for what’s is easier to do.

#There is actually a very fine line between success and failure. We mostly throw in the towel when we are almost there.

Time is always a factor.

No success comes overnight.

When things seem not to be going on well as planned, you just need to give them time. Time is the remedy.

The ability to persevere and persist is the focal point of every success story.

The ‘ right now attitude’ only brings disappointments.

If it’s something you want so badly, you need to get rid of this attitude.

It’s worth time-giving.


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