The Art of Listening.

Listening is such a prerequisite attribute in life yet so much neglected. 
The dying need for listening cuts across diplomacy, business, school, leadership and life in general.

Any leader who misses this important quality is much considered a tyrant; a dictator.

Listening is something to do with ‘being short in the mouth and long in the ears’. It involves doing much of the listening and less of the talking.

You are always in a position to learn whenever you give others undivided attention when they’re talking regardless of their age, their outlook, their backgrounds and among other factors that can make it seem inappropriate to listen to them. Listening has to do with doing away with our prejudgments about others. 

It should be noted that we all learned our mother tongue through listening and that we also learn new languages through a lot of listening.

Yet something important. Listening also applies when you are with yourself. We all need those quiet moments with ourselves, lock up ourselves in a room or go to some relaxed place where there are no destructions, and listen to our souls(* others will say God). This is the source of the many creative ideas, the innovations and inventions across our industrialized world.

Meditation also involves a lot of listening. One seeks a quiet environment to listen to their soul.

There is actually a lot to benefit by just listening.

Next time when you go out there, interact with people, listen to them, and don’t forget to schedule time to listen to yourself too, you will be amazed by how it’s magic works.

©The Archetype


2 Replies to “The Art of Listening.”

  1. This bears a striking amount of truth, to it. A colleague of mine referred to it as “people listen to you, only so they know when they can continue speaking.” Especially in as polarized a time as now, the need for unbiased listening and reflection cannot be overstated.

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