The Dichotomy

*Have you ever been in a situation where you feel you shouldn’t have done something and at the same time you feel it was right for you to do it? 
Being in the in-betweens.

Myself, I have experienced the same not once, twice or thrice. And in all honesty, I known you will agree with me that we all go through this  . But What or who makes us feel so. 

I love having this perception of myself; as two people.

Strange? Oh no. 

One, is the son of two wonderful people, my parents. Born in some small village somewhere in Taita,brought up with so much love and care, going through some educational system somewhere. Not all, and greatly influenced by the immediate surroundings or environment ;friends, haters, family, community, things happening in this outside world etc. (which happens to be his greatest weakness).

 The other person, is the one I gave birth to since the very first day I was initiated into this world. The person I invented. The one, people are almost not aware of, housed inside the other. I always think that this is the person who makes people great, celebrities, to be looked up to by others, that separates them from other folks. This person is so unique. He has a habit of arguing out and questioning himself first before taking any step. Myself, I  prefer calling this other me *’The Archetype.”* The Archetype is the person that lives within the ‘Solomon’

I tend to think that it’s these two antagonists, and allies at some rare occasions, responsible for the internal arguments that usually occur in my mind. They get into conflict whenever they have contrasting ideas and opinions toward a particular subject. All of them send impulses (views) to the brain, and this results to thoughts or rather discussion. The one wins over the other is the one who influences my actions.

This is my point;

Our personality is highly dependent on these guys. Being strong or weak mentally, emotionally and physically, self-confident or lacking self-esteem, generous or mean, problem solver (which are very  in our world) or being quick to give up on challenges that come our way, all this is the work of either of the two. Qualities that make a person (individual) distinct from another; manner of behavior; charisma, or what make one stand out from the crowd.

The ‘me’ influenced by the environment :Have you ever been in an unfamiliar place maybe at the podium addressing a large group of people and nervousness sets in? I guess we have all gone through this at some point in our lives. Not being able to help yourself, losing or missing steps while walking around, being unable to communicate well. Myself, I felt particularly embarrassed! “Oh damn, please not now Amygdala, don’t let me down. Please not now,” I would say to myself. Maybe to sort of bring my mind on truck, but to no avail. 

Well, I guess this will give a hint.
Have you ever balked on embarking a certain task out of fear? Fear of being alone.

This is one the works of this person. He tends to make us feel comfortable with the community around us, making us nervous when it comes to going by our own words. 

And I can confirm it to you that it has been really tiresome for ‘Archetype’ to fully convince this guy that I should write this down before this day was over because he wouldn’t let me to. He would constantly persuade me to go for some ball game, which is equally important. But it was so selfish of him actually.

 He gets so much affected by what other people say about him, criticism especially. He mostly lives by the definition the world makes of him if not controlled by the other person of me. He can even go sick because of this, I can bet that. Always wanting to be noticed by the world and be praised or appreciated. He would do everything to be noticed by a crush.  

But this is how he is designed, maybe, I don’t blame him.

Unfortunately he doesn’t make it alone, and if he does go alone he ends up doing some weird things, embarrassment. 

The other ‘me.’

Some people tend to refer to him as the soul.
You have probably heard those great achievers; great business men and women, athletes, prominent musicians among other people, when being interviewed, saying that they are successful because whatever they do is something that comes from within them. And that is what psych they up each and every day, never letting of their goals and dreams. 
He is the key to a calm mind, good concentration, and clarity of perception, improvement of communication and blossoming skills and talents.
The more this person gets stronger, the more we can go through all kinds of odds, ups and downs that this world tend to push our way.
Maybe it’s time to set this common cliché right; beauty doesn’t lie in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is an inner phenomenon. All the greatness that we visualize originates from within. All the greatest inventions and innovations in the world started from owners’ inner person. He is the source of almost everything good in the universe. 

Carl Jung says in his autobiography, *Memories, dreams and reflections*, “*when no answers come from within to the problems and complexities, they ultimately mean very little.*”

So people, who makes most of your decisions?
Who do you think is much more responsible for who you are today?
Who do you choose to spend most of your time building, or rather empowering in this case?

Be you,and build you.

Let’s meet at the top-where we all belong.
©The Archetype


Future in the making.



      This whole world is made up by the dreamers. Every bolt and nut was put in place by the dreamer’s mind, of our age and the recently or long dead. This whole world is the product of dreamers minds.

In our childhood, we all had dreams to conquer the unknown, rise to the top, to attain positions of great importance in our societies or country at large, to become wealthy and famous, to go first class, to be the best. We all wanted to be winners.

  The suppressive forces.

 I once read a story from ” choose the happiness habit” by Pam Golden. A story of two twin brothers. One growing up as an alcoholic and the other a great business man, despite same upbringing and background. When the alcoholic was asked why he led such kind of life he said that his father was an alcoholic too. The other brother, businessman, said that he became successful because his dad was an alcoholic , and he therefore had to do things different from the way his father did. Dreams have powers to separate us from others, regardless of our backgrounds.

    Yet another example. John Roebling. His dreams of building a spectacular brigde connecting New York with the long island were declared an impossibility, in that nothing such had been done before. ” Crazy people with their crazy ideas”, eventually that brigde was a success, even though a traggic accident occurred taking away Roebling’s life and also leaving his son, Washington with a brain damage and inability to talk or walk. Dreams know no barriers.

  We have constantly heard people say, 

” … know it foolish to be a dreamer…

  … you cannot really make it. Your dream is too big, even so-and-so failed.What makes you think you will succeed?…

 … are too young…

 … are too old….

 …’s too late to start. You just can’t. Try on something a bit cheap….”

  But, have you ever stopped for a moment to think? To think how this world would have been if no one had ever dreamt?

Every dream brings the promise of a new dawn to humanity. A dream is a statement of greater good you want to create in the world – Michael Gerber.

  It is necessary to dream. See why.

Dreams inspire us to be hopeful and young at heart.

They make us understand the power within ourselves.

When you pursue your dreams, you understand that failure leads you from where you are to where you want to go.

They guide you.

They attract great people into you life, connections and luck.

They keep you on the on-look for opportunities. 

Dreams friends, make us conquer fear with undauntable courage and see them as opportunities to feel invigorated and alive.

  It always sounds impossible in the word’s eyes when it has not yet been done. Know where to look for advice and guidance.

 “How am I going to accomplish this? I have nothing at hand”. We all go through such kind of internal arguments. But, this is not the first step.

  Just write your dream down and learn to keep it before your eyes. Yes, keep your dream before your eyes. The how-to-do it will always come.


 ©The Archetype      


It’s a necessity. Try gratitude.

           Appreciation and gratitude are some of the most important yet overlooked tools that we all have access to.All of us.

I can say this morning I had a good kick for the day. On my way after morning class I had a chat with a medical biotechnologist, a coursemate, though we haven’t been that close before it was indeed a great time together.A moment that was supposed to have come earlier. I spotted her amidst the crowd about some few metres from me. I had to walk a bit faster to catch up with her. I caught up.
Before we could part ways after that short time together, I commented on how smart she was, I could see how happy she felt. I also felt the same. And she’s got apt grey matter, I will admit that. 

She replied with a ‘thank you’ with that broad smile. ” You look great, Solomon”, she added.

I couldn’t afford not to smile back. ” Thank you friend. It has been so great to talk to you.”

That was enough blessing for my day. 

I felt like I had just awoken to the glorious beauty of the day.

I felt a sense of indescribable well-being.A feeling I had for the first time in a long time.Indescribable,only experiential.

The happiness that comes out of appreciation and gratitude.
And that, is the secret.
The simple choice of being honestly appreciative of how others look, “you look great” and being thankful gives a feeling of authentic sartisfaction with life.

It’s not happiness that brings grattitude, it’s grattitude that bring us happiness. 

Giving rather than being on the receiving end brings inner peace, a warm and fuzzy feeling. 
Going by research, people who show appreciation for others or to themselves they are more likely to have lower blood pressure, feel less lonely and isolated, more generosity and compassion, more joy , optimism and happiness.
It also makes you more social. And we are social animals.

You begin feeling more warmth when around people. This lifts you up and gives you emotional support anytime we need it. It is also a key in developing loyal friendships.
So is it your habbit to appreciate yourself and how others look, and being grateful of likes and comments people make about you. Are you grateful of that which you are having? 

Well, this has to be part of you.

©The Archetype

You always have a choice

A choice to accept it and grow ,or fight it and lose.

To handle your fears and raise up , or surrender to them and be a slave of your own.

To wake up and work on your dreams, or sleep and continue dreaming.

To shift from what’s not working and focus on what is working for you.

To control your thoughts and be the master of your life ,or let your brain run wild and become its slave.

To stick onto your own definition of yourself,or confine yourself within the limited defination the world makes of you.

To believe in yourself and pour out that daring genius in you,or doubt yourself and end up a living example of great failure.

To pull east when they want you to tug west.

To do it now or wait for someday.

To put your own star among other stars.

To be worldclass.

To be huge.

You always have a choice.

©The Archetype