Self doubt and a wanna be

I believe that the thing that puts us down most is self doubt. Not being sure of our capabilities. Doubting ourselves whether we can make it. Doubting whether the wings we have in possession can fly us to the destinations of our interest.

We obsess ourselves with this question, whether we’re ready to do whatever we would like to do. Right there we get corrupted and begin to see ourselves short of many things. And as any rational person would do, we throw in the towel. We then completely erase the “I am going to ” and print a new phrase in our brains ” I will “.

And that’s where we completely miss out the point. Believing in a tomorrow that never comes.

No one is ever ready and no one will ever be ready to accomplish any task. 

The first step towards achieving our dreams and goals is believing that we can.

If we fall short of this , we’ll be compromising ourselves each and everday, and we become the wanna be folks.

 ┬ęThe Archetype